Family Bios: April 23, 2016

SomaliaFlagThis is a young lady 22 year old from Somalia. This lady fled to Kenya in 2009  due to the threat she faced in Somalia. She arrived in Phoenix April 5, 2016. She worked in Kenya doing house work and attended school. She would like to take courses in English and is glad to be safe in the United States. She has no family in Phoenix.



800px-Flag_of_Cuba.svgThis visit was with two (2) young men from Cuba. One roommate is 23 years old and the other is 29 years old.  They fled Cuba to the United States to pursue a better life. Their journey took them from Cuba to Ecuador, from Ecuador to Panama, from Panama to Honduras, and from Honduras to Mexico.  They were released in Mexico to cross the border into the United States. They arrived in the United States and had to call a cousin in Spain for future directions. They arrived in Phoenix December 3, 2015. They both have degrees,  one in  Engineering, the other in Electrical Engineering. They both are working, one with a Glass Company building frames and installing glass. The other is working with an Electrical Company. They are concentrating on learning English. The one roommate would like to work in Marine Engineering.  They want to help their families in Cuba have a better life.


Flag_of_Myanmar.svgThis visit was with a 33 year old young man from Burma. He fled Burma due to discrimination and an inability to earn a living. He fled to Malaysia where he worked in a factory, a supermarket as a cashier, and as a waiter. He arrived in Phoenix February 18, 2016. He is taking Computer classes through Maricopa County Health and Human Services. He is learning English and wants to take the English speaking test. He stated he is a little uncomfortable where he is currently living because of the community in which he lives and is looking for support with clothing. He is very glad to be here in the United States.

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