Family Bios: April 27, 2019

We will visit a family originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In 2009 they fled their home and ended up in a refugee camp in Kenya where they stayed for nine years. The children attended school in camp and learned English.  In 2015 they received a letter from U.S. Embassy and process started for them to come to the United States.  This process took 3 years and family arrived to AZ in December 2018.  The father is 53 years old and mother is 46.  They have four sons ages 13. 14, 16 and 25 and four daughters ages 18, 20, 21 and 22.  The parents and older children are training for work and hope to be employed soon.  One of the daughters hopes to go to school to become an engineer.


We will also visit a family from Burma.  They fled Burma to Malaysia years ago and arrived to AZ in February 2019.  They do not speak English and are feeling isolated in apartment.  They don’t know much about area, don’t know how to get around or how to ask for help.  The father is 33 years old and the mother is 26.  They have two children: a daughter who is five and a son who is one.  Their goals for life are to work hard and save money to buy a house and car.


And we will visit another DRC family.  War broke out in their country, the father was killed, the mother and children escaped to Rwanda. They arrived here February 2019.  The mother is 51 years old.  She has a daughter age 13 and three son’s ages 16, 20 and 22.  She is happy to be here, feels safe and now has no problems in life, she says. The two younger children are in school and the older ones are waiting to start work.