Family Bios: April 28, 2018

We’ll visit a family from Somalia. The mother and father fled the war in Somalia in 1996 and went to Kenya. The remained “displaced people” for 13 years before gaining access to a United Nations Refugee Camp. They underwent years of vetting before being resettled in the USA. Both of their girls (ages 12 and 16) were born in Kenya. The family originally resettled in Tucson. After a year, they moved to Nashville. Even though the father found good work as a manager for shipping with UnderArmour, they missed Arizona. They returned to Phoenix in January. Due to costs, they were unable to bring their household furniture and items with them. Back in Somalia, the father was a baker. Since leaving he has done odd jobs and is especially proud of the letter of recommendation he received from UnderArmour, his employer in Nashville. He is still looking for work here and is optimistic that something will come along. The daughters are doing well in school. They speak Somali, Swahili, French and now English and might continue their schooling in Kenya. The mother and father were both tremendously grateful for the support of WTAP in their efforts to start life, again, here in Arizona. They asked the home visitors to share their blessings with all their new neighbors.


We will also visit a family from Democratic Republic of Congo. The mother escaped the violence in DRC 15 years ago. She fled with a baby and a toddler to Burundi. After years of waiting, she arrived in Phoenix in January with her 6 children, 4 of whom were born in camp. The mother recently found a job which she excitedly announced during WTAP’s initial home visit. The older children are in school and doing well, she said. When asked how she liked being in America, through a translator the mom said she is very grateful to know that her family is safe now.



And we’ll meet a family who fled Bhutan for refugee camp in Nepal in 1993 due to ethnic cleansing in their country. The father was born after his parents arrived in Nepal and lived all of his life in a refugee camp. He met his wife in there and married in 2012. Their son was born in 2014. The husband worked in construction in Nepal while his wife stayed home with the baby. They arrived in Phoenix 12/20/17. The husband is employed at a local Phoenix dairy earning a good living taking care of the dairy cows.