Family Bios: April 7, 2017

We’ll a single man from Eritrea, who escaped persecution in his home country.  He fled to Egypt and Ethiopia, eventually living and working in refugee camp.  We will learn more about I’m when we visit.




We will meet a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  The father’s parents were killed so he escaped to Uganda where he lived in a camp for 13 years.  He explained that the life in the camp was chaotic with little food, no health care or education for the children.  The mother and father in this family met in the camp, married and had five children ages 12 to 7 months.  The government of Uganda tried to force the refugees to go back to their countries.  This family did not want to go back and decided they would rather stay in camp and possibly die.  They applied for refugee status and were able to get out.  They resettled in California and lived there for six months.  Due to the cost of living they decided to come to Arizona where they have some friends and rent is much lower.  The father has a job, and is taking some time off due to back pain.  The two oldest children attend school and the mother stays home with the three youngest.  They are grateful for the opportunities and security they feel here.


And we will visit a Congolese family who arrived in March of this year.  The father is 45..  While he was in DRC his parents were killed and he escaped to Tanzania where he lived in a camp for 20 years.  While there he had a job, met his wife and they married.  They have four sons ages 19, 13, 11, and four and they have two daughters ages 10 and seven.  The parents and older son are taking English classes.  The younger children are enrolled in school.  Now that they are settled in Arizona, they feel safe, feel this is the country of opportunity and are grateful for the health care and Education.