Family Bios: April 9, 2016

IraqFlagThis family of three joined us from Baghdad, Iraq in February, 2016.  A mid-fifties aged mom is here with her two grown children, a son, 26 and a daughter, 30.  Mom is recovering from an illness so has not yet begun studying to learn English and does not plan to venture into the workforce at this juncture.   Both children hope to attend college and work professionally in the US.  The daughter would like to study pharmacy and the son, culinary arts.



IraqFlagThis young family of four came to the US in December from the Baghdad area where the husband worked with the US Military.  The couple has two boys, one eight years old who loves soccer and “everything” about the United States.  The younger son is an angelic looking toddler.  Dad and his sons love watching and playing soccer.  Mom’s favorite color is red.   One thing that has surprised this family since coming to the US is how good the drivers here are.  In Baghdad there is no speed limit and apparently lots of crazy driving maneuvers!  They are looking forward to a good life in America.



IraqFlagThis family moved to Phoenix from a smaller town in central Iraq in February 2016.  The couple has four children aged three to eleven – two boys and two girls.  The youngest, a daughter, is still at home with Mom while the others are in school.  The children love the US and have picked up English very quickly.  After just a few short weeks, Dad is already employed, in spite of the fact that he knows very little English yet.  In Iraq, Dad had a shop selling socks while Mom kept busy at home raising the children and tending the family’s needs.   The family feels safe and happy here.  What surprised them the most was a series of funny but unfortunate events that occurred with first move-in to the apartment – from appliances not working to roaches to …you name it.  It all worked out fine and the family enjoyed a laugh about having perspective – really these challenges were nothing compared to what they faced in Iraq.

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