Family Bios: Aug 15, 2015

Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svgThe first family we will visit is from Congo. The family consists of a single mother and her one year old son. The mother is expecting a second child who will be delivered in December. She fled to a refugee camp from the Congo during a civil war, where she became separated from her mother and husband. She does not know if her mother is alive or dead and lost contact with her husband. Her hopes are to learn English quickly and to find a job so that she can take care of her small children. She is eager to learn how to use the bus so that she can get around Phoenix and the surrounding areas. She likes America, and does not see anything bad in this country. Her favorite color is pink and purple and her son is happy, healthy, and curious. She is very grateful to Welcome to America Project for their donations.

Flag of Iraq.svgThe next family we will visit is from Iraq. The family consists of a father, mother, and their three sons. They have a twenty year old son who speaks English very well. He learned English in Iraq by watching youtube videos. He loves reading about computers and programming and hopes to be a software engineer in the future. His other brothers enjoy swimming, working out at the gym, and hiking. The family had to flee Iraq because of the threats the father was getting because he worked with U.S Forces. The family owned a supermarket in Iraq. The parents hope their sons will finish college and attain good health and peace in their new home. The youngest son is a senior in high school and requested notebooks and school supplies. The mother’s favorite color is green and she would love love artwork that has nature scenes. They are most impressed with the freedom that they find in the United States.

Flag of Somalia.svgThe next family we will meet consists of a mother and her seven children (from three to eighteen years old). She and her husband fled from Somalia to Kenya in 2004. They had been farmers in Kenya. They fled to a refugee camp where they lived for twelve years. Five of their children were born in the refugee camp.Now that they have been relocated to Phoenix, six of the children are now in school. The Mother hopes all her children will go to school and finish college. She would personally like to buy a car soon and to find a job. She is eager to start working and providing for her family. Her favorite color is blue and her oldest daughter loves red. The children are active and would love to receive some toys from Welcome to America. The mother finds America to be a very nice place, although she is surprised at how different life is here from her life in The Congo.

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