Family Bios: Aug 8, 2015

Flag of Iraq.svgOne family we will visit this Saturday is from Baghdad, Iraq.  The family consists of a father and mother who have three children who were able to make the trip to live with them in Phoenix. They have an adult son who is being detained in Iraq. The two adult sons who are in Phoenix worked construction/carpentry jobs in Iraq and they enjoy boxing in their free time.  One son just suffered a bike accident. He will need to have shoulder surgery which will delay his job search a bit. Their daughter is fifteen years old. She will be entering high school in August.  She loves to play tennis and her favorite color is black.  She would love to receive beauty products/curling iron/etc. so she can dress like the other girls here. The mother enjoys embroidery and her favorite decorating colors are red and white.


Flag of Afghanistan.svgThe seven members of the second family we will visit relocated to Phoenix late April, 2015.  The family was originally from a small village in Afghanistan. In 2008 they moved to Iran and then to Turkey before they moved to the US to avoid political and religious conflict in their homeland.  The father was a farmer and cattle breeder in Afghanistan while the mother kept very busy with the five children.  The father’s goal is to work at night to provide for a brighter future for the children than that which he experienced.  Theparents believe that educating their childrenwill set them up for a successful future. The whole family is excited for school to start in a few weeks.  What they like most about the US that it is calm and peaceful here for people of all religious beliefs, and how easy it is to be comfortable here if one just follows the rules and laws.


Flag of Iraq.svgThe final family we will visit is a family of four from Baghdad, Iraq. In their home country the father was employed at a pharmacy while the mother was a writer in the area of technology and biology. They came to the United States in late May, 2015.  Neither of the parents have found jobs in Arizona yet. They are working on their English skills and getting settled.  The couple has two adorable children. They have a daughter (age 11) whose favorite color is purple and who loves playing the guitar.  They also have a son (age 8) who loves anything blue, plays all kinds of games and is a soccer lover.  Like many boys his age, nothing would make him happier than a playstation video system!  The family can’t wait to explore more of Arizona and the U.S.!

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