Family Bios: August 11, 2018

We will welcome a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The father and mother fled the war in their country in 2000 with the 4 children they had at that time. They were in Burundi for 17 years awaiting asylum, and 2 more children were born in camp.  The two oldest children of the family arrived to America first, back in March. They live across town from their parents and younger siblings.  The family is excited to  ow be here all together. They love that there is “no cold” here in Phoenix. The oldest children are working; the rest of the family is actively seeking work as they improve their English Because this family arrived in May, the younger children have not yet been to school. They are so excited to go to class in the USA for the first time this month.


We will also welcome another family from the DRC. The father fled his home country as a small boy with his family of origin. Trying to escape the war, they first try to settle in a big city near their home. But after 4 years, they continued on to Burundi in search of greater security.  It was at the refugee camp in Burundi that the father and mother of this family met. The mother had also fled the DRC and the war there; she left alone at the age of 20. Both the father and mother were able to complete their secondary education in camp. The mother worked as a teacher and the father was employed in a hotel just outside the camp.  The family has only been in Arizona since May. This family has 2 small children (ages 3 and 1).  They also have relatives living in the Valley. The mother will be starting her new job this month. and the father is actively looking for work.


And another family from DRC will receive our WTAP welcome this week! The mother and father were married in the DRC and had 3 children, but were ultimately forced to flee the war in their country. They managed to get to a refugee camp in Uganda where they stayed for 9 years. Four more children were born in camp.  In the DRC, the parents were farmers. They were able to do some gardening in the camp in Uganda, and were happy that their children could attend school there.  The family has been in Phoenix for about 9 months now. The children are learning English and the father says he loves his job. They have made some good friends in Phoenix and feel very supported by the community. And they are very excited than in less than 2 months, a new baby will be born into their family!