Family Bios: August 13, 2016

IraqFlagThis is a family of five(5) from Iraq.  The family fled Iraq due to the war with ISIS and bad living conditions.  The husband worked in Iraq as a interpreter for the U.S. Government.  Prior to that he was an official in the Iraq government.  He graduated from the College of Language attaining a B.A. in Language.  He also worked in the Chemical Industry in Iraq.   His wife has completed middle school and would like to finish high school. They have three(3) daughters ages (7), (12) and (16).  All the girls are looking forward to attending school here in America.  The 16 year old daughter loves to draw and the 12 year old daughter likes to study.   They have no family here in the U.S.



SomaliaFlagThis family of four (4) includes a 30 year old mother and her two daughters, one (4)years old and the other (9) years old, along with her grandmother.  The family fled Somalia to Kenya due to the civil war in Somalia.  They spent time in the UNHCR shelter in Kenya before coming to the United States on July 7, 2016.  The mother worked with refugee families in the UNHCR shelter.  The grandmother suffers from high blood pressure.  The (9) year old daughter is eager to start school and is in the approval process.  The mother is willing to accept work in any capacity and would like to pursue her education.  She has two brothers still in Somalia.



DRCFlagAnother family we will visit is a young mother from Congo.  She has a baby boy who is 5 months old.  Learn more about this family on deliveries.

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