Family Bios: August 18, 2018

We will visit a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo that includes 38 year old mother who was born in the Congo but fled to Tanzania in 1996 because of the war in her country.  She lived in a refugee camp there for twenty years where she had her three children, a son, now age 15, and two daughters, ages 8 and 12.  She described the camp life as “very hard.”  She arrived in the United States with her children in September 2016.  She is currently working at Papa John’s and likes her job  She is pleased that she is able to provide for her family and that her children are able to get an education in this country.  They all like living here, and her children are particularly happy in the school system here.  This mother does not have any relatives living here, and Catholic Charities has become her primary support system for her and her family.  Her dreams and that of her children focus on them continuing their education and attending college.

We will also visit 5 roommates, all young men from Afghanistan. They are relieved to be safe in the US and excited for their new starts. We will learn more about them when we visit.