Family Bios: August 20, 2016

800px-Flag_of_Cuba.svgThis 35 year old man left Cuba with a tourist visa for Mexico October 2nd of last year.  He crossed the border from Mexico to the U.S. with a friend who is also 35 and they arrived in Arizona on February 12th.  He joined his mother who is 53 years old and has been in Arizona for 8 months.  He was a veterinarian back in Cuba and is married and has 4 and 5 year old daughters.  He would like to learn English, find a job and bring his family to live with him eventually.




800px-Flag_of_Cuba.svgThis group of three friends arrived in Arizona on May 9th of this year.  We spoke with the woman who is 42 years old.  In Cuba she was an accountant, and had no children.  She left Cuba with two male friends ages 31 and 43.  They arrived in Panama and flew into Mexico.  From there they crossed border into El Paso, Texas.  They are grateful to be here and look forward to learning English.  They have a friend that will get them a job at a hotel as soon as their papers are in order.



DRC flagThis family arrived on June 23rd, of this year.  They consist of the mother (33) and her three children a daughter age 15, and two son’s ages 1 and 5.  The grandmother also arrived with them and lives in apartment.  They left the Congo in 1996 and spent years in a camp in Tanzania before being sent to Arizona.  The 5 and 15 year old children will be attending school.  The grandmother walks with crutches and is asking for a wheel chair.  She has a hard time going too far with crutches.  She was a tailor in Africa and would like a sewing machine so she can sew clothes and help family with income.  They have a sister still in Tanzania that is being sent to Canada.  They would like to be united eventually.    When asked what they thought of Arizona, the grandmother said “we had a peaceful welcome”.

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