Family Bios: August 3, 2019

This weekend we will visit an apartment with roommates, one gentleman from Afghanistan and another from Eritrea.  The young man, age 18, from Eritrea left his country when he was 14, staying in a refugee camp in Ethiopia for four months.  He then went to Sudan where he stayed 8 months, and then to Egypt where he applied for refugee placement.  He arrived in Arizona in June of this year.  He would like to go to school and learn computer science, and hopes to help his family in the future.  We will learn more about his roommate from Afghanistan on our visit on Saturday. They communicate with signs since they do not speak a common language.

We will also visit a family who is originally from the Congo.  The mother, son (age 14) and four daughters (ages 3, 6, 9 and 11) arrived in June, but the oldest son (age 24) arrived about 8 months ago.  They are all living together, and the oldest son is working. The mother has some medical issues she is trying to resolve in order to be able to start working. Before they left the Congo, the father was a farmer and the mother sold the food at different markets.  The mother and her oldest son left the Congo in 2005 and stayed in a refugee camp in Rwanda. The son was able to complete high school and learned English.  They are grateful to be here and appreciate the opportunities, peace, apartment, school and friends they have met.

We will also see a mother and her three children from Ethiopia. We’ll visit with them and learn more about their journey on Saturday.