Family Bios: August 6, 2016

Flag_of_Myanmar.svgThe first family is from Burma. The family is Rohingya, a minority population that is persecuted in Burma; there are many laws actually preventing them from owning businesses, going to school, practicing their religion (Islam), and even being given citizenship. As men are more viciously oppressed, the father fled first in 2006. The rest of the family- mother and 3 children (ages 16, 13, and 5) followed in 2008. They described taking a rickety boat from Burma to Thailand, and then moving on from Thailand to Malaysia. Sadly, laws in Malaysia prevent asylum seekers from attending school or working. Still, the father was able to secure landscaping work to earn some income for their family. Because of their oppressed status in all the places they have been until now, the children have never been allowed to attend school. Amazingly, their 13-year old son has managed to learn some English from friends, and the 16-year old daughter has learned some English by watching TV. The daughter has also taught herself basic writing skills. The parents are so happy to be in a safe place where their children will be able to go to school. They miss their family back in Burma and Malaysia, but are hopeful for their future here in Phoenix.


Flag_of_Iraq.svgThe second family is from Baghdad, Iraq. The father assisted the US military with electronics back in Iraq, and the family was forced to flee because of his involvement with our government. The family has only been in Phoenix for 2 weeks. They were originally sent to California, but could not find housing. After a rough couple of weeks, they made their way here, and are quite happy. They say the weather in Phoenix is a lot like Baghdad. The children are 10, 8, 5 and 3. The older 3 will start school very soon and they are excited. The father is anxious to begin working. The family dreams of one day owning their own home again. The grandmother dreams of one day bringing her other son, who is still in Iraq, to the USA so that the family can be together again.


You will have to get to know the third family on the delivery. No bio for them.

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