Family Bios: Dec 17, 2016

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The first family we will be visiting are two roommates, an 18 year old from Afghanistan, and a 28 year old from Iran.  The man from Afghanistan left with his mother and 2 brothers when he was 2 years old, his older brother was 4 and his younger brother was a baby.  They grew up in Pakistan, were able to attend school, and he has completed 9th grade.  His older brother and him moved to Indonesia when he was 14 to find work.  His older brother was resettled to Australia shortly after they arrived in Indonesia, and he was resettled to America less than a month ago.  His younger brother and mother remain in Pakistan.  He hopes to find a job, obtain his GED, and then study Economics in college.  He speaks fluent English, as well as 4 other languages.  The other roommate fled Iran and lived in Turkey where he met his wife.  He was resettled to America less than a week ago.  He hopes to find a job soon and file for his wife to join him in America later.


The second family we will visit are from Eritrea, consisting of a 48 year old woman and her 64 year old disabled mother.  The daughter’s family is Muslim, and she married a Christian.  Tensions between the two religions are tense in Eritrea, and she felt discrimination due to her marriage from the community as well as their own families.  Her husband worked for the government, and was kidnapped by them.  The government demanded the wife pay a ransom.  She was able to negotiate with them that she needed some time to get the money, so they released her.  She took the opportunity to flee the country with her elderly mother.  They fled to Sudan, then Iraq, then Egypt and were resettled in America 3 months ago.  The daughter understands English well, but is working on developing her speaking skills.  When asked what her favorite things about America are so far, she responded with Peace and Freedom.  The mother has filed for Social Security disability, and the daughter hopes to enroll as her caregiver, so that between those 2 sources of income they will be able to support themselves.


Our third family is from Iran, consisting of a father, mother, and their 2 children, ages 18 and 10.  They fled Iran 2 years ago and lived in Turkey before resettling in Phoenix one month ago.  The father worked a salesman in Iran, selling farm equipment, and the wife was a homemaker.  The father is looking for work and hopes to find a job soon.  The eldest son studied English previously and speaks it well.  He hopes to study for his GED and find a part time job to help the family.  The younger son will be starting school in January and is very excited.  They already have extended family living in America, and they have been very supportive in helping them integrate.

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