Family Bios: December 1, 2018 (afternoon)

We will visit a family of 10 from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The father, pregnant mother and oldest child left their village in 2003 because homes were being robbed and people killed in her village. They headed to Burundi where they were processed through 3 different camps before being resettled to Arizona in August of 2018. They have eight daughters ages 1 to 17. The six oldest are in school and enjoying it.  The mother has a sister resettled in Texas and they found friends from the camp living in their AZ apartment complex.  Their house in their village is what they miss the most.  It was fully paid off. Here they have to pay rent monthly but they can live in safety.


We will also visit a father who arrived to the US before the rest of his family. He lives in a one bedroom apartment with a roommate.  His country of origin is Eritrea where he experienced extreme persecution. He arrived to Arizona in September of 2018.  He has six children back in Eritrea ages 4-14 living with his ailing mother.  He hopes to be able to reunite with them soon.



And we will visit a single male in his fifties from Somalia.