Family Bios: December 10, 2017

We will visit a family from Burundi. Burundi has endured more than a decade of wars. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled the country in search of peace and safety. This family fled their home in 2004.  They remained in a camp for 10 years and arrived in Phoenix 3 years ago. The mother originally left with her two older daughters, one of whom has special needs. Another daughter was born in the camp, and the youngest daughter is an American, born 9 months ago.  The family is making ends meet in their small, one bedroom apartment. The older children are in school and the mother has friends in her apartment complex. They are very thankful for the support of WTAP.


We will also visit a family from Eritrea. The mother has four children: three girls (13, 11, 4) and a son (15). The youngest child was born in the refugee camp in Ethiopia, where the family waited 7 years before being accepted for asylum. The family arrived in the USA in 2015. They lived first in Colorado, then in North Carolina, and have only recently arrived in Phoenix. The mother is currently working as a caretaker/nanny and the older children are in school.  All speak English.  When we asked her favorite thing about America, the oldest daughter said, “My education.”