Family Bios: December 22, 2018

The family we will meet today is originally from Myanmar.  They fled to Malaysia to avoid persecution.  While in Malaysia, the father worked as an electrician.  The couple’s two children were born there.  After arriving in the United States in October, they lived with friends for a couple of months.  They are now living in their own apartment and the father is working in an aluminum factory.  They are very happy to be here, are anxious to learn English, and see their young daughters start school when they are old enough.


We will welcome a family of nine from the Congo region of Africa.  The mother was taken to Tanzania by her parents as a child.  She met her husband in Tanzania and had all their children in the refugee camp there.  The children range from two years old to a son who is in his 20’s. The family has been in Arizona for two years and one month.  The mother was working when they arrived, then had a terrible accident and injured her leg badly so she is not working. The oldest son is working to support the entire family.  The two- year old stays home with mom and the five middle children attend school.  The family says they are grateful to be here and that it is better than Tanzania, yet life has been challenging for them here.