Family Bios: December 3, 2016

We will have 2 Delivery teams this weekend for a total of 6 families.

Delivery #1


Our first family is a husband and wife and their two year old son from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The mother is also pregnant and due in February.  The family resettled to America almost 2 months ago.  The father fled DRC four years ago due to the war going on there and lived in a camp in Uganda.  His wife’s family fled DRC over twenty years ago and had lived in the camp in Uganda all that time.  The father worked as a DJ while still living in DRC, and then learned to be a farmer in the camp.  He hopes to find work soon, preferably in the music industry.  Most of their family remains at the refugee camp or DRC, but the wife’s brother who was resettled to America at the same time as them. He was an interpreter while at the refugee camp and speaks proficient English.  They are all happy to be in America.


Our second family is from Somalia consisting of a father, mother and their 9 year old son. The family resettled to America almost 2 months ago.  In Somalia, the father worked as a successful farmer and goat herder, with over 200 goats.  He fled Somalia in 1992 and lived in the refugee camp in Kenya.  He met his wife in the camp and their son was born there.  The mother plans to be a homemaker, the son will be enrolled in school soon, and the father is looking for work with help from his resettlement agency.  He hopes to find work caring for animals.


Our third family is from Democratic Republic of Congo, consisting of a father, mother, their 2 sons, age 9 and 7, and a daughter aged 3.  They arrived in America a little over 2 months ago.  The mother’s family fled DRC in 1992 and lived in a camp in Tanzania.  The mother and father met in the camp and all 3 children were born there.  The father has already found employment, and the two older children are enrolled in school.

Delivery #2


Our first family is from the Democratic Republic of Congo consisting of a husband and wife and their adult son.  The father was a French teacher and traveled back and forth from Rwanda to DRC.  He worked at a school in DRC where he met his wife, a Geography teacher.  The violence in DRC escalated and they fled to a camp in Tanzania.  They have been in the US for 2 months.  They are expecting one of their other children and their 3 grandchildren to be resettled to Phoenix as well in the coming months.  The husband also understand English well and speaks proficiently.   They are happy to be in America and start their new lives.


Our second family is from Afghanistan, consisting of a husband and wife.  The husband worked for the US Military and thus his life was in danger.  They were granted a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) and came to America less than a month ago.  The wife’s brother also worked for the US Military, was granted a SIV 2 years ago, speaks fluent English and is helping them to integrate.


Our third family is a single woman from Iran.  She fled Iran due to persecution from the government due to her religion, Bahai.  She stayed in Turkey until she was resettled to the US 6 months ago.  She obtained a Bachelors and Masters in Psychology before fleeing Iran, and worked as a counselor in Iran and Turkey.  She is currently working at a grocery store, but hopes to be able to transfer her credentials and work as a counselor again.  She understands English well, but is still developing speaking skills.  She is glad to be in America.


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