Family Bios: December 8, 2018

We will meet a family from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who fled as a young couple with a baby. They ran from the war and violence that was, and still is, engulfing their homeland. They left the land that they farmed and headed to Uganda, where they spent the next 20 years waiting for a new home. The family – which grew to include 7 more children (ages 18, 16, 11, 9, 7, 5,1) was originally settled in California along with the paternal grandmother. The oldest daughter (now 20) was resettled in Kentucky with her husband. After a year in California, the family moved to Arizona and has only been in Phoenix a few months. The father and mother are both working and all the children are in school and doing well. This family is very thankful to be in the USA, although their journey ahs been hard and they are struggling with some issues. Their current 2-bedroom apartment is too small for their needs, but they are making the best of it for now. A warm welcome from neighbors will be great gift.

We will also meet another family from DRC. Like the first family, mom and dad were farmers back in the DRC. The unending violence and lack of safety drove this young couple and their baby from their homeland. They made their way to Tanzania where they waited for 26 years. In that time, they had 5 more children (now ages 24, 19, 16 and twins of 13).

The oldest son of this family- the one who originally fled with his parents from DRC- remains in Tanzania. He is married with children of his own, awaiting the processing of his paperwork. The family is hopeful they will soon we reunited. All the other family members live in the same apartment complex they moved into in August.

After just a few months, in the USA, mom and dad are working, the younger children are in school and the older daughter is looking for work. They have created a lovely home and really do consider Phoenix their new home. They are happy to be getting a visit form WTAP volunteers soon.