Family Bios: Feb 20, 2016

Flag_of_Myanmar.svgThis refugee family that we will be visiting comes from Burma- A little background history, Burma has been in a constant civil war since 1948. A lot of refugees flee from the sporadic violence between the government forces and the insurgent groups. From the time of signing of the Burmese Constitution in 1948, ethnic minorities have been denied Constitutional rights. The family speaks Burmese and does not speak any English. They came to the U.S. in December 2015; there are three generations of family living in the apartment. There are the parents, age 47, and 46 and the three daughter age 16, 9, and 22. The 22 year old daughter has a son who is 3 years old. In Burma they worked in a factory making furniture, the father has a friend that works in a factory here and plans to work with him. The family would like to take classes to learn how to speak English.

Flag_of_Myanmar.svgThe second refugee family also comes from Burma and consists of a single mom age 58 and her  two sons age 25 and 28. The family speaks English; they learned how to speak English from the internet. The refugee family came to America in January, from Malaysia. They moved from Burma to Malaysia where they lived there for 10 years. In Malaysia they worked three jobs, building furniture, working in a restaurant and as a car washer. The sons love music, all kinds of music especially pop music and books. The mom completed school through the 9th grade. The one son would like to have a job as a mechanic, and one of the son’s also stated he would like to be a chef one day. The mom would like to have a job working in a mall. The family is so excited to be in Arizona, and they love the weather too.

SomaliaFlagThis brother and sister are from Somalia but came to us from a refugee camp in Egypt. They both studied English in Egypt. The brother can speak English….the sister (not so much). The sister worked as a house keeper in Egypt. Both Studied: “How to teach from the Koran” when they lived in  Mogadishu  Somalia. They know that finding a job is the most important thing they need to concentrate on now!

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