Family Bios: Feb 27, 2016

CubaFlagThe first family we will visit are a doctor and a dentist form Cuba. The husband and wife couple left Cuba together for a medical mission in Venezuela. From there, they escaped on foot. At the border with Colombia, they took a bus to Bogota and presented themselves to the US Embassy for asylum. All their family remains behind in Cuba. The couple has been in Phoenix since September. The wife is learning English, and the husband has landed a job selling doors. Both would like to get back in medicine, but will have to perfect their English, retake many tests and do further training before they can practice again. For now they are happy to be here and to be safe.

600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThe second family we will visit is from Afghanistan. The husband and wife have an adorable 6-month old baby boy. In Afghanistan, the father worked as a translator, and as a result, he and his family were under threat. The family came directly to Phoenix from Afghanistan. They have no family here in the USA; all their relatives are back in Afghanistan. The family has been here for just one month. The father is hoping to get a job soon. He is open to any kind of work, and particularly likes mechanics. The mother will start English classes soon, and is hoping to do some sewing. She will be staying at home with their young son.

600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThe third family we will visit is also from Afghanistan. This couple has only been married 2 years; they are still quite newly wed. In Afghanistan, the husband worked as a translator. His work put him and his wife in danger, and they had to flee. The couple has been here for one month. They have no family in the USA; all their family is in Afghanistan.  The husband hopes to find work soon and the wife will be studying English. They are grateful to be safe here, and expressed deep appreciation for the visit from the Welcome to America Project.

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