Family Bios: Feb 6, 2016

600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThis family consists of a husband age 37, a wife age 24 and their three year old daughter.  They had only been in country one week and had come directly to Arizona from Afghanistan.  The husband worked as a computer operator and then as an interpreter from 2006 to 2015 and had to flee Afghanistan because his life was in danger.  He has a sister  who has been in Phoenix for 13 years, and his wife has a sister who lives in Texas.  The rest of their families still live in Afghanistan.  The wife is currently 6 months pregnant, and she hopes to attend school initially to learn English and then later to attend college.  Both she and her husband are high school graduates.  The husband is focused on finding work, but hopes eventually go to college.  He is very motivated to learn, even teaching himself fluent English!  His sister in Phoenix has continued to be a support for the couple. The family is excited to be in America because it is a safe place and provides opportunities for their family that were not available in Afghanistan.




Flag_of_Iraq.svgThis family is composed of a husband, age 39, his wife, age 39,  a daughter, age 3, and a son, age 2.  The family came from Jordan where the wife was born and raised. The couple met when the husband fled from Iraq 11 years ago because of the conflicts there.  He worked as a carpenter in Iraq, but was unable to be employed in Jordan because of his refugee status.  He received income from the UN, because of his status.  His wife worked as a beautician, but now has to stay at home with her children because the cost of day care would be prohibitive for them.  His half brother has lived in Phoenix for 10 years, but has some medical problems which makes it difficult for him to be very available to the family.  Husband is focused on finding a decent job so he can support his family.  He also hopes at some point to get a car.  His wife understands English but her speaking ability is limited.  Husband does not know English and hopes to enroll shortly in an English class. The wife would also like to study English but she has to arrange child care details to do this.  Husband remarked that he had come here “to get a life” and is hopeful that America will provide opportunities for him and his family.



Flag_of_the_Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo.svgIn this home, there is young woman, age 25 with her young nephew, age 9, and her 23 year old male cousin.  The young woman fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo 15 years ago because of the conflicts there. Her safety was an issue because her brother  was a General in the army.  She fled to Brazzaville in the Congo where she lived for 15 years before coming to the United States.  Her nephew has lived with her family since he was six months old when his parents fled from the Congo to Angola.  Her family has dispersed, and her mother and sister now live in Australia while an older brother currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife and child.  The young woman worked in marketing, but wants to become a nurse and had just been accepted to the university to study nursing when she came to the United States.  While in Brazzaville, her cousin was a boxer and rugby player.  Both young adults are interested in going to college, but their first focus is to learn English.  They have been in this country for a month and are very happy to be here.  The young man’s dream is become a pilot in the US army, and the woman’s is to become a nurse.  The nine year old boy will be attending school soon.

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