Family Bios: February 15, 2020

We will visit a couple who arrived from Syria just a few weeks ago. They fled civil war and bombings in Syria where they stayed for more than 4 years. The husband was an accomplished craftsman who made furniture and decor from iron. The wife, who speaks English, is an accomplished cosmetologist/hairdresser, so much so that she was honored by the Queen of Jordan for her teaching the trade. The wife is not in good health and is in process of developing a treatment plan. She is grateful for our visit and for our help to obtain cosmetology tools and a sewing machine so that she can work from home until she recovers.

We will also visit a Karen couple from Burma who were in Thailand for many years. They recently arrived to Phoenix. Karen are a terribly persecuted people in Burma. The husband escaped to Thailand with his family as a young child, almost 20 years ago. When he was older, he found work as a day laborer, doing difficult jobs for very low pay. The wife arrived to Thailand ten years ago, where they met and married. They are grateful to be in America and already pursuing work. The wife is happy to know that she is reunited with her mother, who arrived to Phoenix 5 years ago.