Family Bios: February 17, 2017 (afternoon deliveries)

We will visit a  refugee family who arrived to Phoenix from Iran.  After leaving Iran due to the wife’s conversion to Christianity, they spent nine days at sea in a small boat under very poor conditions and arrived in Andalusia where they lived for three and one-half years in a refugee camp. Life was very hard in Andalusia and the father was unable to receive a work permit. He had worked in bank management for 15 years in Iran and speaks five languages. His daughter was just 6 years old at the time and now in fourth grade, she loves science and math and also excels at painting. Since arriving in the U.S. his wife has returned to Iran. He loves the freedom and the laws of the United States and his only hopes and dreams are for his daughter and her education and opportunities.


We’ll also visit a young man from Honduras who escaped gang violence, extreme poverty and neglect.  He fled his home country in his early teens and has been in the US with a foster family since 2012.  He will be moving into his first ever apartment in February.




And we’ll meet a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who arrived to Phoenix just three weeks ago.  The couple have five children; daughters ages eight, eleven and thirteen and sons ages three and six.  The family are fast making neighbor friends! The husband and wife left the DRC and fled to Burundi in 2004 due to the war and it was in the refugee camp that the children were born. The wife’s mom remains in Burundi The children love to play soccer and are looking forward to learning how to ride bicycles. The family looks forward to many opportunities for work in the US and for a good education for her children.