Family Bios: February 17 (morning deliveries)

We will visit a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The husband and wife fled their country in 1996.  Six of their seven children were born in a  refugee camp in Tanzania.  The husband completed his college studies to become a medical assistant and had been working only one year when he and his wife were forced to flee the violence in their country. He continued helping with healthcare in the refugee camp, while his wife watched their children. The children were able to go to school some of the time in the camp. The family has been in Phoenix for 18 months. A new baby arrived 2 months ago, the first American in their family. All the children are in school, doing well and learning English. The father recently stopped work because of an illness, but hopes to go back soon. The mother was working too, but has taken some time off to be with the new baby. They are very happy to be here, together and safe, in their new home in Phoenix.


The second family we will visit is a mother and her 5 children. The mother is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She fled her home when she was only 12 years old, and was in the camp for 20 years before being granted asylum here in the USA. Her children were burnin refugee camp.  The family arrived in Phoenix 18 months ago. The older children are all in school and doing well. The day we visited, the oldest, a sophomore in high school, and the youngest (3 years old), were home. The oldest was feeling under the weather, but we had a nice conversation. When we asked what his favorite part of school was, he said,”Everything. I am happy to go to school for everything.” The youngest was very excited to show us his drawings, and eager to trace letters for us. He cannot wait to join his siblings in school.