Family Bios: February 3, 2018

We’ll visit a family from Eritrea who consist of a single mother, a maternal grandmother, two daughters, ages 7 and 14, and two sons, ages 9 and 16.   They fled their country six years ago after the husband was killed, and they sought asylum in Egypt where they lived in a refugee camp for three years.  The grandmother was very ill, and the mother did not work while in the camp as she had to nurse her mother.  The family arrived in Arizona two years ago and are very pleased to be here.  The children like school and are doing well.  They act as translators for the mother and grandmother as they speak very little English.  The mother is working full time as a caregiver in a day care center.  She wants to learn and goes to Refugee Focus classes twice a week as her work schedule permits.  Her older son wants to be a pilot, and her older daughter is interested in a career in nursing.  The family is excited as they are moving soon to a new apartment in the Phoenix area which will be larger and better maintained than their current one.


We’ll also visit a family from Somalia who includes of a wife, her husband and their seven children, (three sons, ages 10, 13, and 5, and four daughters, ages 19, 16, 9,and 6).  Their oldest daughter has three children, a daughter, age 3, and two sons, ages 2 and 2 months.  The wife fled Somalia 25 years ago as a teenager.  She settled in a refugee camp in Kenya where she met her husband.  Her children were all born in the camp.  They arrived in Arizona in June 2017.  Both parents are employed with the mother working at Papa Johns and the father in a laundry.  The children are doing well in school and the mother said her hope is for all of her children to be successful.  The family finds life good in the United States, and all the children are in school.  The 16 year old who happened to be home during the visit told us about her dream to become a teacher.


And we’ll visit a family from Afghanistan that includes a father, his wife and their  three children, (a son, age 7, and two daughters, ages 9 and 10)  The father had worked as a bodyguard for 12 years with the American military.  The father was granted a Special Immigration Visa as his life and the lives of his family were endangered because of his association with the US military.  The family arrived here 7 months ago, and both parents are currently working in a laundry. The children  are all attending school which they really enjoy. A representative from the school was at our home visit and remarked that the children were doing exceptionally well in their studies.