Family Bios: January 13, 2018

We’ll visit a family who had to flee the unrest and violence in their home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. They escaped to Uganda, where they lived in a refugee camp and where some of the children were born. It was not possible for refugee families to get regular work in Uganda, but these parents were able to grow some of their food such as corn and beans. There are four sons (ages 13, 12, 11,7) and three daughters ( 5,3,1). They have been in Arizona less than two months, but seem optimistic and lively. The children are really looking forward to getting enrolled in school after this holiday season.


We’ll also visit a mother and her children, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who spent time in Malawi before being resettled in Arizona. The children have been in school here for several months now and like it very much. They have new friends in their apartment/school community . Unfortunately, their mother is in poor health.



And we will visit a third family, also from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who is related to the above mentioned family. The children and their father spent time in a refugee camp in Tanzania before being resettled here. They have been in Arizona now for about 7 months. The children enjoy school and are learning English quickly.