Family Bios: January 19, 2019

We will meet a woman originally from Eritrea who arrived in Phoenix in December 2018 after living for nearly 1 year in Syracuse NY. She fled Eritrea by herself 9 years ago due to war then lived in Egypt for more than 8 years. In Egypt, she learned English and worked for 5 years as a child care provider and dog-sitter. In Syracuse she received job training and learned general secretarial skills including receptionist and filing assistant. However, she developed some health problems which were made worse by the very cold weather and was relocated to Phoenix for the warmer weather. Although she does not have family here, she has friends from Egypt with whom she is living and appreciates their kind generosity very much as she regains her health. Once she is feeling stronger, she hopes to find work as a receptionist or in general secretarial work. She is very happy to be in America where she looks forward to opportunities for good health and employment and perhaps a job where she can utilize her proficiency in 4 languages.

We also will meet a wonderful family of 5 originally from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) who are quick to express their joy of being in America! They fled the DRC in 2004 and lived in a refugee camp in Burundi for fourteen years then came to Phoenix in December directly from Burundi. During the years in the camp, the father was not allowed to work, but hopes for some training to help him have a good job in America. They are not yet fans of American food, but find Phoenix very clean and beautiful. Both Mom & Dad are very happy to have 2 children already in public school and are able to get very good health care for one son who has a disability. They have 2 adult children who also live nearby. The family speaks Swahili and very proficient conversational French as well.