Family Bios: January 20, 2018

We’ll visit a family originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who arrived in the Phoenix two years ago. They left the DRC 15 years ago and fled to the neighboring country of Uganda where they remained in a refugee camp. It was there that the father of this family, who had health problems, passed away, leaving his widow with 5 children to raise. She worked in farming in Uganda to support the family. Since arriving in Phoenix, she and her 25 year-old son (who plays the guitar well) have found jobs while the other four children (two girls ages 19 and 12, and two boys ages 16 and 20) attend high school. They have had their share of challenges since arriving here, but have continued to work hard to improve their situation. They are happy to be in America.


We’ll also visit a family from Afghanistan who arrived in the US just one month ago. They left Afghanistan three years ago because of the poor, unsafe conditions and lived in Pakistan until receiving visas to come to America. The father of this family was an engineer, but his whereabouts are unknown at this time. The mother, grandmother, two daughters (ages 15 & 16) and a son (age 13) came on their own to Phoenix. They are so pleased to be here where they feel safe, are getting settled and registered in high school, and have dreams of furthering their education. The 16 year-old would like to become a judge, the 15 year-old President of the US, and the 13 year-old a doctor.


And we’ll visit a young man who arrived in Phoenix six weeks ago. He is originally from Eritrea, but because of his conversion to Christianity, he was persecuted and imprisoned for 4 years. He had been a math teacher before leaving Eritrea, fled to Djibouti where he lived in a refugee camp for 5 years. He met his wife there, who is pregnant and due this month with their first child. He is looking for work in Phoenix, is teaching at a local Christian church, and trying to bring his wife to join him in America.