Family Bios: January 7, 2018


We’ll visit a large family who recently arrived from Afghanistan.  The father worked for an American company and this put the family in danger.  They left their grandparents and friends behind and relocated to Arizona.  The father speaks English well.  He is teaching his wife and younger kids some English and asked for a television, so they can learn English through watching television programs.  They miss their grandparents but say that they are safe.   The kids were registered in school the last week before winter vacation, so they could get used to school and make some new friends.  They are happy at school, the father says.   The father has a friend who arrived the same day and lives in same area, so they support each other.


We will visit a second family from Afghanistan that includes a husband, wife and their 1 year old son and 5 year old twin daughters.  We will learn more about the family when we visit