Family Bios: January 9, 2016


600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThis visit will be for a single man, age 29, from Afghanistan who has been here 1 month.  He speaks very good English due to working for an American corporation and assisting the US special forces during the war.  He was no longer safe in Afghanistan due to his work and was able to get a special visa and green card quickly in order to escape to safety.  He still has family in Afghanistan and worries about their safety.  He is hopeful they will be able to join him at some point.  He was many work skills  hopes to find a job very soon. He feels fortunate to be near a cousin of his that has been here for 5 years.


Flag_of_Bhutan.svgThe next family is from Bhutan, but has been in a refugee camp for 23 years in Nepal.  The 3 children ages, 9, 11 and 15 were all born in the refugee camp and do not know life outside of it.  The mother and father are 40 and 43, respectively, and also have other family living with them that are both age 65.  They left Bhutan due to concern for their safety and political strife in the country.  They have been waiting to go back home to Bhutan, but it is not safe for them so eventually they pursued the opportunity for resettlement in the U.S.  This process started in 2006. The children are very excited to start school in the next couple of weeks, and the father is getting his orientation from the resettlement agency to learn interview skills and how to apply for jobs.  He is very willing to do any kind of work.  The family is starting to learn English.  They all feel much safer here and like their new home very much, as it is much more than they had in the refugee camp.


mexican flagWe will also visit a 20 year old male from Mexico.  He came through the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program when he was 16.  He is a full time high school student, but struggles, and works part-time at a restaurant. He recently moved into his own apartment.

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