Family Bios July 13, 2017

We will visit is a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The wife fled war in the DRC in 1999, when she was just a girl. She met her husband in a refugee camp in Uganda. They were married in camp and had 4 children. They adopted a 5th child when the parents of this infant died in camp. The mom was nursing her own newborn, and took in the infant who is now their daughter too. The family arrived in the USA in November 2016 and one month lafter arrival, a new baby was born.  Both husband and wife are working, and the older children are in school. In fact, the children say their favorite thing about America is school.  The wife’s mother is in Ohio. She has not yet seen her, but is in regular contact. They are happy to be here all together and were very thankful for our visit.

We’ll visit a second family, also from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The wife and her family fled civil war when she was only 4 years old. She spent 18 years in a refugee camp in Uganda waiting for asylum.  She met her husband in the refugee camp where they were married and had 4 children. They are pregnant and the baby is due in October.  The family arrived in Phoenix in September 2016. The father is working and the older children are in school. These children also say their favorite part of America is going to school.  The family is fortunate to have some relatives in Phoenix, although other family members are still in DRC and Uganda. They are grateful to be here and excited for their new baby to arrive.

And we will visit a third family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The husband sent his wife and his first born away when the war broke out in 1996. He followed them 6 months later, and they were in a refugee camp in Tanzania from then until they arrived in Phoenix in October 2016. Seven more children were born over that period of time. Sadly, only 4 survived.  In DRC, the husband had some farmland and was a French teacher. He was also able to teach in the school in the refugee camp in Tanzania where his children attended school. He has been doing janitorial work since he arrived in Phoenix. His wife is doing housekeeping work, and his oldest works at at a pizza restaurant.  The family is very grateful to be here, even though they have already had some hardships. Only 2 days after arriving in Phoenix, the husband’s mother, who had made the arduous journey and survived year in refugee camp, passed away. All the family who was not able to flee the DRC has been killed. The father does have a brother here in the States whom he hopes to see on day. This family was very grateful for the WTAP volunteers, and offered a blessing for all of us on our journey and for the work we do.