Family Bios: July 28, 2018

We will meet two gentlemen today from Pakistan. They arrived in Phoenix in January after their journey took them to Thailand, Malaysia and then to the island of Manus, off the Australian Coast. In Manus they were placed in a detention center for over 4 years. They shared that the conditions in the detention center were very poor and it was a struggle to keep up hope of ever getting out. One of the gentlemen used to own a communications company when he lived in Pakistan. They are both working now in a home supplies warehouse nearby and use their bikes to get to work. They miss their families which they have not seen in over 5 years. They are hoping their wives and young children can join them here soon. They are grateful for the opportunity to live in the United States.


We will also meet a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The father and mother and their six children arrived in Phoenix in January. They arrived from Tanzania, where the mother had lived in a refugee camp for 21 years. She was 11 when she first arrived in the camp. The father and the 21 year old son are currently employed at the same company. The father was in an automobile accident last week, he is now recovering. The son is doing very well with his English and is the interpreter for the family. The rest of the children are enjoying attending school and meeting other children in the complex.


And we will meet a mother and her six children who are from Afghanistan. They spent time in Pakistan and arrived here in January. The oldest daughter speaks for the family but the rest of the family understands English. The mother and oldest daughter have jobs, while the rest of the children are attending school. Both girls are hoping to eventually attend college and love that they are allowed to get an education in the US. One of the girls hopes to be a physician and the other a journalist. The mother is learning how to drive, which she is finding challenging. The boys are enjoying school, want bikes to ride and love soccer.