Family Bios: July 8, 2017

We’ll visit a family from Afghanistan. They arrived here on a Special Immigration Visa.   The husband assisted the US government in Afghanistan and his family was threatened because of this work. His unit officers were originally from Arizona and that is why this family has been resettled here.  In Afghanistan, the husband worked in information technologies, assisting US Agencies in distribution of foreign aid.  The wife is a nurse. She worked visiting rural areas in Afghanistan to provide health care and medical training. The couple got their college educations in Pakistan, where they learned English. They met upon their return to Afghanistan, where they got married and had two children, now ages 3 and 5. They are expecting a baby in August.  This family arrived in Phoenix in April. The children did not start school, but are looking forward to going in August. The father is looking for a job and the mother is getting ready to add the newest member of their family. They said they are happy to be here together, even though all their family remains in Afghanistan.


We’ll also visit a family from Burma. The family includes a husband, wife, her sister (15) and their 2 children (ages 4 an 1). They arrived in Phoenix at the end of May. When we visited them, they had WTAP met them, they had been here just one week.  The husband fled Burma in 2008 and went to Malaysia. The wife left Burma in 2010 and met her husband shortly after she too arrived in Malaysia. In 2013, the her sister joined them in Malaysia.  The family fled Burma because they were constantly under military rule with no freedom. None of the adults was allowed to attend school. The father and mother were farmers. They tried to work in Malaysia, but there undocumented status meant that they were always underpaid for their work and had no legal recourse for demanding justice. They wanted a life of freedom for their sons.  The 15-year old sister was able to attend school in Malaysia, and she learned to speak English. She is so excited to start school in the Fall. She enjoys music and drawing, and is very happy to be in America.

And we will visit a mother and her three daughters from Somalia.  They arrived in late 2016.  The daughters are all enrolled in Phoenix schools and the mother works to support the family.