Family Bios: June 10, 2017


This family consists of a husband, age 32, his 24 year old wife, their three year old son and their new addition, a young son born in May of this year.  The family arrived here from Afghanistan in March 2017.    The husband worked in administration for three years in the US embassy.  The family had to move several times because of threats issues until they decided it was best to seek safety in the US. The husband has a  degree in Economics from an Indian University, and his wife also attended school.  The husband is one of 10 children, and he has 9 siblings who, for reasons of displacement, are scattered throughout the world.  His father is deceased and his mother, age 85, lives with his brother who is a shopkeeper Kabul.  They have some family in the Phoenix area who left Afghanistan under similar circumstances.    Now safe, the couple’s focus is on education for themselves and their children. The husband would like to pursue a MBA degree. His wife wants to finish a college education when her children are older.  The wife’s current goal is improving her  English, and the husband’s focus is on finding employment so he can support his family.   


We’ll visit a second family from Afghanistan, a young couple who arrived here in mid February of this year.  They are happy to have found safety in the US.




We will also visit two young Cuban women who recently arrived in April of this year.  One woman came by way of Columbia and the other through Brazil.   Both are experienced medical doctors who are eager to get started studying for their US medical board certifications.   Medical professionals in Cuba are often sent to other countries in exchange for resources (minerals, oil, etc.).  They have very little choice in this matter and can be separated from their families.  The two doctors are happy and relieved to be here.  And they appreciate opportunities and freedoms  our country offers.