Family Bios: June 18, 2016

Flag_of_Myanmar.svgShe is from Burma, and was in detention for few years in Malaysia. She came to the United States on May 26, 2016, and was placed in Chicago. She didn’t know anyone there and decided to move to Arizona because of the large Burmese community and weather. Her roommate also came with her to Arizona. She wants to go to school and find a job to become self-sufficient.



Flag_of_the_Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo.svgThis man and his wife and 4 children came to Arizona 4 months ago. Originally they are from Congo, but lived in a refugee camp in Uganda. They escaped their country because of civil war. His children are going to school, the wife is not working currently but she is looking for a job. The husband is disabled. They like Arizona, but don’t like the hot weather during summer time.



Flag_of_Iran.svgThese two are roommates. One came to the United States in January 2016. He is from Iran and lived in Turkey for 4 years. He was a soccer coach and soccer player. He is working now and wants to be a coach in the future. His roommate came to the US two months ago. He is also from Iran and lived in Turkey. He was a chef, and is now  working at a restaurant. Both of them like Arizona and want to stay here.

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