Family Bios: June 22, 2019

We’ll visit a young man originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He fled with his family seven years ago when their village was attacked.  Separated from the rest of the family along with his father, they initially traveled to Burundi, where his father later died.  He was then sent to a camp in Kenya where he completed high school and was  reunited five years later with his mother and six siblings.  He was given the option to come to the United States by himself this year, and his family encouraged him to take advantage of this opportunity, but he hopes to eventually have his family join him in the United States.  He asked to be sent to Arizona because he had a very close friend here who arranged for him to stay temporarily with another friend.  Since arriving in Arizona three months ago, he has found employment and is also attending classes to earn his GED at Rio Salado College.   He hopes to have his own apartment with a friend in the future, and is planning on attending college to study nursing.  He has become involved in a Congolese Church where members are very supportive of him and appreciate his musical talent.  He sings and plays guitar in their services.

We’ll also visit a Rhohinga family of four from Myan Mar, including mom, dad, a seven-year old son and a four-year old daughter.  Dad left Myan Mar in 1995 for Malaysia, where he met his wife in 2011.  Dad worked construction in Malaysia and is now working at a tissue paper factory.  All family members are learning English and their son is in school.  They are happy to be in the United States and starting their new life.

We’ll visit a newly arrived family of 10 from the Democratic Republic of Congo and learn more about them on Saturday.