Family Bios: June 23, 2018 (World Refugee Day Phoenix)

We will welcome a mom and her 3 children from Afghanistan. The family fled Afghanistan in 2016, and was in Pakistan for 2 year before being granted asylum. The mother took care of her daughter, who is disabled, and her 2 sons, and she worked with the older son making rugs to support the family.  The family arrived in Phoenix in April. The boys were enrolled in school and love it. In fact, the mother said they are sad to come home every day, wishing they could go to school day and night! The mother expressed how hard it is to resettle in a new home, especially without family or friends nearby, but indicated that she is so grateful to be here safely with her children.


We will also welcome a family of asylum seekers originally from Egypt. The family’s safety was endangered back home when they converted to Christianity. They fled to Hong Kong in 2015. The mother and 2 sons arrived here a few months ago; they are still waiting for the father to be granted asylum to join them here.  In Egypt, the mother was an accountant and the father was a pharmacist. The children attended an American school where they learned English. In Hong Kong, the parents were not permitted to work, but the boys could attend school and continued to be taught in English. The mother said that her younger son doesn’t even remember any Arabic now.  The boys are doing well in school. The family is happy to be here, but they miss their father.


And we will meet a couple from the Congo region of Africa who arrived here with their 5 month old son at the end of May 2018.