Family Bios: June 24, 2017


This family came to the US from came from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, having arrived in Aug of 2014.  The family includes a women and her 3 daughters and 1 son, ages 4 to 16 years old  with newborn on the way.   The mother and her oldest daughter left the Congo in 2008 and fled to a refugee camp in Uganda where she and her daughter lived until coming to America.  The other children were born in the camp. The family had been doing well with kids in school, learning English and the mother and working to support her family when their home burned and they lost all their belongings.  They are working hard to recover from this setback event.  The mother is not able to work at this time due to her pregnancy but is taking the time to take more English classes so that when the baby is born, she will be able to return to the work force. 


This family is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and arrived in the US in July 2016.  The family includes  a husband, is wife and their 4 daughters ranging in age from 1 to7 years old.  They are expecting another child in October.  Their journey to America began with being affected by the war in the Congo and needing to flee their village for safety in 1996.  The husband and wife were very young at the time, around 10-12 years of age when they fled with their families.  They met in the refugee camp in Tanzania and all their children were born in the camp.  The father is working as a cleaner for a large company while the mother stays home and takes care of the family.  They are happy to be in the US and feel very safe and blessed to have this opportunity.


This family is from Syria and arrived in the United States in July 2016.  They are a husband a wife and  a 6 sons ranging in age from 6 to 14 years of age.  They fled Syria in 2010 by car to a refugee camp in Jordan due to the war being all around them and fearing for their lives and safety.  The husband worked in construction in Syria while the wife stayed at home with the children.  The husband has been able to find work here at a car wash and is very grateful for this job.  The mother works as a housecleaner now.  The children are very happy in school and have made lots of friends along with learning to speak English.  They are very glad they can feel safe again.