Family Bios: June 3, 2017



We will visit a refugee family from Syria. The father (47), mother (44), daughters (21,13, and 5 months), and sons (17, 9) all arrived January 2017. They youngest child was born in Turkey.  The family moved often to escape from the war and the rockets outside of their homes. The family started in Marea, northern Aleppo, then travelled to Halab, the capital of Aleppo, then to Rakka, and then settled in a refugee camp for four years in Turkey. While in Syria, the father worked to lay tile and the mother was a tailor for women. Here in Arizona the father will start working as a carpenter and the mother wishes to continue as a tailor/seamstress. The entire family is looking forward to the safety of living in the United States and Arizona. They are also happy to be here to continue to educate their children. 


We will visit another family from Syria.   The father (52), mother (39), sons (19, 12, 6), and daughters (24, 22, 21) all arrived April 2017. This family moved from Syria to Northern Iraq for 18 months prior to their arrival in Arizona. The family needed to flee Syria for the health and the safety of their family. They were no longer able to receive medical care for two of their children. The children have blood disorders and need weekly medical treatment. The family is very happy to be here in Arizona where they are able to obtain the much needed care for their family.  While in Syria, the father a prominent position in  Ministry of Education.   The mother was a homemaker taking care of the family. All of the children have been studying in school; college, high school, and now in elementary school. The family is looking forward to continuing their children’s studies in the United States.


We’ll visit a third refugee family from Syria, who also fled the dangers of civil war  The family includes a father (42), mother (34) and their children, ages 8, 7, 2 and 10 months.  Like the other Syrian families, they are happy to now live in peace and safety.