Family Bios: June 8, 2019

We’ll visit roommates from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They arrived 2 months ago from a refugee camp in Rwanda. The group includes a mom and her 15 year-old daughter who live with another mom with two kids, ages 7 (girl) and 2 (boy). The children have lived their entire lives in a refugee camp. The oldest, age 15, likes math and wants to be an accountant  

We’ll then visit a woman from Iran and her 2 children who arrived from Turkey a few weeks ago. She spent much of her life persecuted for her faith, feeling threatened at all times. She fled to Turkey and eventually was granted asylum to the United States. Her daughter, age 22, is studying to be a dental assistant. Her 19 year-old son is taking classes.

We’ll also visit a set of roommates, a woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the other woman from Afghanistan. The DRC woman lived in a refugee camp for almost all of her life, having fled war in her home country. Her roommate knows war too and escaped Afghanistan to Turkey, where she lived for several years before settling here. They have both been here only a few weeks.  Their challenge is unique in that they are roommates who do not yet share a common language.

And we’ll visit life long friends who escaped persecution in Eritrea by fleeing to Ethiopia. They were teenagers when they ran to safety and now are 22 and 24. Their apartment was completely empty when we visited and we look forward to furnishing their very first home.