Family Bios: March 2, 2019

We will visit a family of five from Democratic Republic of Congo.   The single mother fled her home at age 11 and spent 21 years in refugee camp.  Her four children were born a refugee camp. She’s lucky to now be living in Phoenix near her sister who has been here for almost 5 years. Their mother also lives here.  The mom has already secured work in the food industry. She’s very happy to be safe and in Phoenix where her children can attend school. Her children are 11, 9 and 3 (twins). 

We also visit a family from Eritrea who arrived in the US in October 2018.  The family includes a husband, wife and their children ages 8, 10 & 14. The entire family is fast learning English. After leaving Eritrea they were in a refugee camp in northern Ethiopia, where they stayed for about 3 years.  The husband is looking for work, and the wife would like to also find work.  She was very appreciative of WTAP and extremely happy about being in the US.

And we will meet a single dad from Burundi, raising two boys, ages 5 and 7.  The dad fled Burundi in 1996 due to ethnic persecution. He went to Kenya and was there for 22 years until arriving in the US in November 2018.   He met the mother of his children in 2009 in Kenya. She was also a refugee from Burundi.  The mother left the kids and father in 2014 to move back to Burundi.  The father used to be a medical assistant in Kenya.  He would like to get a job in the medical field here in the US.  He spoke English and French, and seemed very happy to be in the US.