Family Bios: March 24, 2017

We’ll visit a 21 year old single male is from Myanmar who arrived in the United States in February 2018 from an Indonesian refugee camp.  He left his country in 2015 because he was fearful of being killed in his country.  He described horrific tortures and killing in the Rohingya villages where he lived.  He also told of a harrowing experience on the sea trying to escape this persecution.  He was on a boat for three months with other refugees seeking asylum, and they had little food or water.  A Malaysian military boat saw the desperate situation on the boat but refused to help them.  They sought refuge in Indonesia but were rejected.  Their boat then broke apart, and many refugees died but he was rescued from the sea by an Indonesian fishing boat.  He was sent to a refugee camp where he was able to learn some English.  He said that he had no access to education in Myanmar because he was Rohingya so he worked with his father on their farm.  The rest of the family escaped with their village in the “Big Exodus” of Rohingya in 2017.   His family currently living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.  This young man is very happy to be in the United States and his goal is to become educated and to work in the field of Human Rights.

And we will visit a family from Syria, who arrived in late 2016.  The family includes a husband, wife and their four children (a daughter, age 9 and three sons, ages 7, 11, 13).  We made an attempt to visit them earlier but the husband suffered burns at work and we postponed our visit.  His wife is a talented baker and assists with Syrian Sweets events.