Family Bios: March 30, 2019

We will meet a family of 6 who are originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  They spent time in the Muyinga Refugee Camp in Burundi before arriving in Arizona, but before that they were in Rwanda for a while. (They cannot remember exactly how long in either location.)  They have only been in the US for six weeks. Two of the children were born in the DRC and two were born in Burundi.  The ages of the children are 18, 15, 10 and 2—three boys and one girl.  The older kids are in school and are learning English.  The father is quite educated—he worked in a hotel in Burundi and while in Rwanda he started a master’s degree. He also speaks English.  They are very happy to be in the US.  The kids seem happy and adjusting to their new life.

We will also visit a family of 7 originally from the DRC who lived in a refugee camp in Burundi for years.  The mother is 32 and spent the majority of her life in the camp.  She got married in the camp and had all of her children there.  They have only been in the US for 1 month. The older kids are in school, and The mother, said that she and her husband are thrilled when the kids come home with new English words.  She is happy to be in the US.

And we will meet a single mom with two sons, ages 5 and 13 Her parents were forced to leave their home in DRC due to wars in 1999. She was 13 years old and her brother only 11. They lived in a refugee camp on the border of the DRC until 2006.  From 2007 to 2019 they lived in a refugee camp in Burundi. They received clearance to come to the USA in late 2018 and arrived in late January 2019. The oldest son already has some English skills and is enjoying school. She lives with her brother, age 31, who quickly secure a job.