Family Bios: March 31, 2018

We will visit a young family of three who came to Phoenix from Burundi, via Tucson.  The family arrived to Phoenix in January.  Their native language is Kirundi.  Resettling here meant leaving behind whatever household goods they acquired in Tucson, so their small apartment is quite bare.  Their young son is 2 ½ years old.  In Burundi they had a large farm which met many of their needs.   Both parents have found jobs here, though they would like to farm again someday.



We will also meet a large family from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  They speak Kiswahili.  They arrived in Phoenix in December, having spent the past 20 years in a refugee camp in Uganda.  The children’s ages range from 8 years old to 20.  The 20 and 18 year old son and daughter must find work and the 16, 13, 12 and 8 year olds are in school and enjoying it.



And we will meet a man who served as a NATO guard for many years in his home country of Afghanistan. He received a service medal and many certificates of recognition and appreciation from NATO. He fled his home country in 2015 because of repeated death threats from the Taliban for his work with NATO. He went to Pakistan where he found work as a maker of grass rugs and other home products. His service with NATO was a great help during his three year process of getting clearance to come to the USA. He is currently working for Papa John in their refrigerated warehouse and is looking for a job that is closer to home as his current job is a 40 minute commute by bike and bus combination.