Family Bios: March 5, 2016

afghan flagThe first family to visit is a family with an interesting story. The woman, left Afghanistan in 2009 for Turkey. The man followed 15 days later and met her. They left their country because the woman’s family wanted her to marry a 60 year old man, and she was in love with this man she fled with. They married in Turkey and now have a four year old daughter and a two year old son. In Turkey the man worked in a store to support the family until they were able to arrive here. They both need to learn English, the husband is looking for work and they have made some friends with the neighbors.


Flag_of_Iran.svgThe next visit is to a single man age 34 who is originally from Iran. He left Iran for Russia where he attended college, studied music and later worked in real estate. From Russia he went to Turkey for 2 years. He arrived in Arizona January of this year and has a friend of the family who is giving him some support. He speaks English well and is studying to get his driver license. His goal is to get his real estate license as soon as possible. He enjoys music and cooking for himself.



IraqFlagThe last family is a family of four from Iraq. The father age 39 was a business owner and was forced to flee Iraq because his business and storage units were burned down. They fled to Syria where they stayed two years and had money sent by family to survive. From Syria they went to Turkey where they lived four years also supported by money sent from family. They arrived in Arizona on January of 2016 and have started making their home comfortable to live in. They like plants, flowers, and nice things. They have two daughters age one and seven. The seven year old is very excited to start school. They all need to learn English together.

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