Family Bios: May 11, 2019

We’ll greet a family of three from Syria, who have been in the US for a little over a month. Dad requires a wheel chair.  Mom likes baking and taking care of her family. Their 5-year old daughter enjoyed our visit.  She loves meeting new people and is excited to make new friends at school. She spoke often of how much she misses her grandparents, who are not in the US.

We will also be visiting a family from Burma (Myanmar).   The husband is 23 years-old and was born in a Bangladesh refugee camp and moved to Malaysia at age 19 to another refugee camp. From Malaysia, he was processed to come to San Antonio, Texas in September 2018, where he lived until last month.  He has not known life outside of a refugee camp until coming to the US last year. He met his wife in Texas and they moved to Phoenix, where they were married.  His family left Burma long before he was born to move to the refugee camp in Bangladesh to escape the violence of the military/government toward the Rohingya people.  Both husband and wife are working in house cleaning and their son attends school and has learned English very well.  Both husband and wife are attending English classes, and are able to  speak some English.

Then we will be visiting a family of five originally from Burma, but who fled to Malaysia. Mom speaks English very well, which she learned when she was enrolled in school.  She also discovered an interest in computer sciences while in school. Her husband recently started working in the food industry.  They are excited to be in the US and for their children to have access to greater opportunities.  We were lucky to see them at a recent WAVE (Clothing Closet) and they have quickly bonded with WTAP and our volunteers.

And we will also visit a family of six from Burma.  The family are Karen, the majority of whom have settled on the Thailand–Myanmar border. Essentially, the Karen are people without a country who can live their entire lives in refugee camp.  The parents, grandfather and three children live together and have been in the US for two months.  The brothers are ages 9, 15 and 18, and are all attending school, and enjoy playing sports in their free time. The father is recently employed, and the mother enjoys cooking their native dishes.