Family Bios: May 13, 2017

This household includes a woman, 28 years old from Iran.  She escaped persecution in Iran and lived in Turkey for 4 years before being given permission to settle in the United States.  In Iran, she had studied to be an architect but also is an artist –  likes to sing, dance, paint, do hair and makeup.  She might even go back to school to be a doctor.  Her family is all back home.  She only arrived three weeks ago and, with no family in our country, is living with a friend.  She speaks English well and is excited to start working and making a life for herself here.


This family is from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The family includes a couple and their three sons ages 17, 15 and 10 and three daughters ages 12, six and newborn.  They arrived about 3 weeks ago to join their 20 year old daughter who has been here 8 months with her two children.  The mother and father were bean and maize farmers and left their home while pregnant with first child, nearly 20 years ago.  They found relative safety in an Ugandan refugee camp, where all the children were born raised and went to school.  The children learned some English in school.   They all look forward to safe and productive lives in our country.


This refugee is a 70 year old single man from Burundi.  He escaped prejudice and civil war in his country and was granted entry into the United States.  He has been living here for a few years but remains isolated from his family back home.   



We’ll also deliver to three families from Cuba.  All three households include young, industrious couples in their late twenties/early thirties.  One couple has a 1 year old daughter.  All are recent arrivals to our country and had long journeys, often on foot , through South and Central America to arrive at our border for asylum.  They are appreciative of the freedoms that our country offers and look forward to pursuing the American dream.