Family Bios: May 19, 2018

We’ll meet a family who consists of a mother, her 2 boys, ages 6 & 8 and a grandmother.  They escaped the Congo because of the war and came to Arizona  a month ago.  Back home they used to be farmers.  They worked very hard in the fields to grow potatoes, beans and vegetables.  They plan on working harder in the states to be self sufficient and provide for the kids.  They are hoping to own a car and maybe a house one day.  So far they are very happy to be living in a safe country and looking forward for a better future.



We’ll also visit two Congolese brothers who lived in refugee camps for 18 years.  While in camp, they went to school and tried to live a normal life.  The oldest brother studied finance but decided to be a tailor, something that his dad taught him since he was a kid.  He got engaged few years back but his fiancee wasn’t able to come with him.  He’s trying to bring her to the state and very hopeful to be together again.  The younger brother studied technology and would like to go back to school to continue his studies and work on computer maintenance. They said that they don’t have much but they have each other and looking forward to be reunited with the rest of their family.


And we’ll meet a father and daughter who escaped years of religious persecution in Iran.  We will learn more about their story when we visit on Saturday to welcome them to America.