Family Bios: May 20, 2017

We’ll visit a family from Afghanistan who arrived in July 2016.  The family includes three daughters ages 21, 20 and 16 and their widowed mother.  The mother left Afghanistan about 25 years ago to travel to Iran with her husband to escape the danger of war.  The father was a caretaker for a home for an Iranian family.  The children were all born in Iran but sadly their father passed away there.   The family then left Iran and moved to Pakistan where the children attended school and the mother worked as a housekeeper. When the family needed to move they walked to each new place since they had no other transportation.  In Pakistan, the oldest daughter was able to teach school.  The mother is learning English, the two younger girls go to school and the oldest daughter is supporting the family by working as a store cashier.  The families enjoy living in the US and meeting new people.

We’ll also visit a family from Iraq who has been in the US for two months.  The family includes a mother and her four children (a son, age 13,  and three daughters ages 15, 5 and 4).  Her husband was killed in Iraq during the war and the fall of Saddam Hussein.  The mother and her oldest daughter moved to Kuwait to be with her sister and for safety.   The mother then remarried and the couple had the three  younger children.  The mother studied to be a teacher while in Kuwait and worked teaching Arabic.  She is looking for work and is hoping to work in a Phoenix area restaurant.  The older children attend school and are learning to speak English very well.


Plus, we’ll meet a senior woman from Burundi.  She escaped prejudice and civil war in her country and was granted entry into the United States.  She has been living here for a few years but remains isolated from his family back home.  She most appreciates that she is able to live in peace in our country, free from war and ethnic persecution.